Google accidentally confirms the Pixel 8 Pro’s design on its website


Google is expected to announce the Pixel 8 series next month. The company has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 4th of October where the phones are expected to be revealed, but we might not have to wait that long.

Google themselves might have given away the design of the phone on its website. This is thanks to Google’s very own “Pixel Phone Simulator” which lets users experience a virtual Pixel phone from their browser. The website also lets users know what the components are in the phone, as well as the different colors, and lets them spin the phone around to get 360-degree views.

That being said, it appears that the design of the Pixel 8 Pro does not look too different from its predecessors. The main difference is probably in the camera module, where Google has tried to match the module with the rest of the phone, whereas with the Pixel 7 series, the modules were designed to stand out from the rest of the phone in terms of color.

Apart from that, we’re not sure what else Google might have changed, and if they did make any change, it’s not obvious right off the bat. The Pixel 8 phones are expected to be powered by the Tensor G3 specs, but we’ll have more details at Google’s event next month.

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