Android 14’s release might have been delayed


Throughout the year, Google has been steadily releasing new previews of its upcoming Android 14 update. Based on the last release, Google appeared to be close to releasing the stable update, which was originally expected to be released today, but now it looks like it could have been delayed.

This is according to a post on X by Mishaal Rahman who claims that the AOSP release of Android 14 has been delayed to next month. The post claims that OEMs are now being told that the vulnerabilities detailed in the Security Release Notes will now be published on the 4th of October, which coincidentally enough is the same date that the new Pixel 8 phones will be announced.

If this is the case, Rahman notes that it would be the first time that the AOSP release has been delayed to coincide with the Pixel’s launch. So what does this mean for users? It means that users can expect a slightly later-than-expected release of the Android 14 update for their phones.

This is because the AOSP is used by OEMs to help build the software used on their phones, so a delayed release of the stable update means OEMs will now have to wait longer to get their hands on it, which could then have an impact on their release schedules. For example, OnePlus previously announced a September release for OxygenOS 14, but now this delay means it could get pushed back to October or maybe later.

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