Aiper’s Surfer S1 makes keeping your pool clean a piece of cake


If you’ve seen those pool cleaning videos on TikTok, then you know how much of a chore it can be, especially if your pool has been covered during the winter and now spring is here and you want to use it again.

You could always hire someone to do it, but that means paying extra money each time they come around, so if you want a more affordable way of consistently keeping your pool clean, Aiper might have something for you at IFA 2023.

The company has announced the Surfer S1. According to Aiper, this is apparently the first-ever cordless robotic pool skimmer. It floats on your pool’s surface to help collect any debris like twigs or leaves that might have fallen in. It is also solar powered which means that as long as there’s enough sunlight, it will remain operational.

The robot is powered by a set of paddle wheels and can be controlled using an app on your smartphone. It also comes with two ultrasonic wave sensors to help it detect your pool walls so that it doesn’t bump into it, and also anti-breaching columns that helps prevent it from getting stuck.

If you’re interested in getting the Aiper Surfer S1 for yourself, the company says that it will be launching in Q1 2024 where it will be priced at $599.99.

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