You can now use your own voice as Bixby


With digital assistants like Bixby, users get a selection of different voices to choose from. Maybe they prefer the accent of one voice, or maybe they want a voice that sounds a little more local. Now it looks like Samsung is giving users more choices, this time in the form of the user’s own voice.

Samsung has rolled out a new app called the Bixby Voice Creator. With this app, it will allow users to use their own voice as Bixby. All users need to do is download the app, follow the instructions on the screen which will ask them to read some prompts, and after that they’re good to go.

As SamMobile notes, the process can take a while to complete but once you’ve recorded your prompts, you can do other things on your phone while the app processes everything. That being said, there are some limitations. It seems that your voice can’t be used for all of Bixby’s functions, but for the most part, queries you ask Bixby will see it reply in your voice.

It’s pretty interesting, although we’re not sure if it’s creepy to hear your own synthesized voice as a digital assistant, but if you’re looking for a deeper level of customization and personalization, this could be it.

Source: SamMobile

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