Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 spotted on retailer’s website


It has been a couple of years since Samsung debuted the Galaxy SmartTag, the company’s take on Bluetooth trackers. For those who are hoping for a new and improved version, you could be in luck. This is according to a listing on a retailer’s website (via Slashleaks) that seems to have ousted the accessory.

Assuming the listing and its accompanying images are accurate, it seems that Samsung has gone with a redesign for the SmartTag 2. The previous model came in the shape of a square, but the new version seems to be slightly larger and is oblong in shape. There is also a massive hole which presumably allows the device to be attached to a keychain.

As for its features, it is unclear what has changed over the previous model. To date, Samsung has launched two versions of the SmartTag. The first version and the SmartTag+ which comes with UWB connectivity to allow for more precise and accurate tracking. The listing suggests UWB will be a feature of the SmartTag 2, but other than that, we’re not sure what else has changed.

The listing also suggests that it could be priced at £42.99, which is almost double that of the original model and could be a hard sell. One of the reasons why Apple’s AirTags have been so popular is due to its relative affordability, so if this price is real, it could deter customers from purchasing one for themselves. Take it with a grain of salt and hopefully Samsung will have something official to share soon.

Source: Android Police

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