Pixel 8 could come with AI powered camera features


If there’s one thing Google does really well with its Pixel phones, it’s with its software processing. The company has proven that it isn’t just about hardware and that with great software, you can get images that are of equal, if not better, quality compared to phones with supposedly better cameras.

Now according to a recent survey that Google has sent out to Pixel Superfans, the company is hinting at more AI powered camera features that could debut in its Pixel 8 phones. This includes how video shots with the Pixel 8 could eliminate unnecessary background noise. For example, if you’re at a game and you’re trying to record but the person next to you keeps shouting, the phone’s AI will be smart enough to eliminate that sound.

It also hints that the AI on the phone can “fix” people looking distracted in your photos, so instead of asking everyone to pose again, the AI will be able to fix it. We’re not sure how this is supposed to work, but it sounds like a pretty cool feature.

Google had previously included AI camera features on its Pixel phones like the Magic Eraser, allowing users who aren’t savvy with tools like Photoshop to cleanly and quickly remove unwanted objects in their photos, so in all honesty, these features aren’t that surprising. Google has yet to set a date for the Pixel 8’s launch, but if previously launches are anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too long.

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