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Older Nest cameras will now work with Google Home


The problem with the tech world is that it moves really fast, which means that the hottest gadget you have right now would be considered old news in just a couple of months. This creates a need to want to upgrade to try and keep up, but it’s not a very reasonable thing to expect.

This is why it’s not surprising that many people still keep “older” pieces of tech around because if it works, why change it, right? Now, if you happen to own a very old Nest camera and you feel that it isn’t getting the support that newer cameras are getting, then you’ll be happy to know that Google is trying to fix that.

The company has announced that older Nest cameras will now be supported by the Google Home app, which for those unfamiliar, is an app that helps to manage all your Google Home compatible smart home devices. According to Google, the rollout process will begin with the Google Nest Cam Indoor followed by more devices later on.

“We’re excited to start with the Google Nest Cam Indoor, followed by Nest Cam Outdoor, with more to come. Beyond cameras, we’ll continue to bring support for many Nest devices and features to the Home app, one device at a time, while maintaining privacy, security, and experiences for our customers. Each device has its own complexity and requires migrating infrastructure, updates to device software, and evaluating if the hardware can be supported.”

Google also notes that once you transfer your Nest camera over to the Google Home app, it will no longer work with the standalone Nest app. If you prefer to use the Nest app, then you shouldn’t make the transfer, but if you prefer keeping all your smart home devices together in one place, then you should consider moving it over.

Source: Google

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