Sony’s New “PSP” is Finally Official


Yes, you read that title right – while it’s not exactly a successor to the original PlayStation “Portable”, Sony’s new “PlayStation Portal” marks the company’s return of sorts to the portable gaming space, although with some limitations. Previously known as “Project Q,” the Portal will serve mainly as a companion accessory to the PS5.

In addition to its rather unique-looking design, the PlayStation Portal comes with features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as seen on the company’s DualSense Wireless Controller. The device’s biggest highlight however is the 8-inch LCD touchscreen situated in the center, which comes with a 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate.

Unlike the PSP and PS Vita, the PS Portal will not come with its own library of games – instead, the device will need to connect to the same Wifi network as your PS5 in order to stream games from the console itself. There are some exceptions however, as PS VR2 software and games that are streamed through PlayStation Plus Premium are not supported on the PS Portal.

With all that being said, Sony has taken a rather interesting approach with the device, which some might see as a missed opportunity to go back fully into the portable gaming scene. The company seems to have a lot of faith in it however. The PS Portal will come priced at $199.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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