Leaked video shows PlayStation Project Q in action


Our mobile phones are so powerful today that they can run games we didn’t think were possible. This has drastically reduced the need for dedicated handheld consoles which were all the rage back in the day, but yet it seems there is renewed interest in such devices, and Sony working on one of their own.

In fact, thanks to a video uploaded to Twitter by Zuby_Tech, it shows Sony’s upcoming new PlayStation handheld console Project Q. From what we can see, it looks like the device is powered by Android, or at least a variant of Android.

According to the rumors, Project Q is said to feature an 8-inch display and will be sandwiched between a set of DualSense Controllers that don’t look like they can be detached (ala Nintendo Switch style). Sony had previously confirmed that Project Q exists and noted that it is meant to be a companion device to the PS5.

This would suggest that it could end up being similar to Nintendo’s ill-fated Wii U, where users would have the option of either playing the PS5 on their TV, or hand off gameplay to Project Q so that they can play on it if someone else is using the TV. It is unclear if this means that it cannot be used to play games on the go if the PS5 is out of range or on a different network.

Either way, without the official details all of this is speculation, but this is the first time we’re seeing what the device could look like in real life.

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