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The onslaught of new portable gaming systems has only gotten stronger in the past couple of years, with several manufacturers such as Steam, ASUS, and even Logitech getting into the game. With that in mind, we also got word that Lenovo was preparing its own dedicated gaming system, currently known as the Lenovo Legion Go.

As such, new information and images from the folks over at Windows Report reveal more of the device’s hardware and design, giving us an even better idea of what it looks like.

It looks like Lenovo has gone all-out in terms of hardware controls, as the Legion Go comes with quite a number of different input methods compared to competing devices already out on the market right now. In addition to the standard array of start/select, shoulder triggers, analog input, directional and action buttons, the Legion Go will also pack side and bottom triggers, a mouse wheel, trackpad, as well as a mouse sensor.

Inside, the Legion Go is expected to come with an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, although it’s currently unknown what the RAM and storage configurations are. The device will come with Windows 11, challenging the likes of handhelds like the ROG Ally.

Other hardware details include two USB-C ports, a headphone jack, volume rocker, and micro SD card slot. Additionally, the Lenovo Legion Go will have removable controller grips (much like the Switch Joycons), as well as a built-in kickstand on the rear. There’s no release date at the moment, although it’s rumored that Lenovo might make the announcement sometime this year.

Source: Windows Report

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