Google Pixel Sales Show Considerable Growth, Data Shows


While Google’s Pixel smartphones still have a ways to go in catching up with the bigger players in the industry, it looks like the brand has seen a considerable surge in terms of sales, at least according to new market data.

Data from Stats Counter shows the performance and ranking of different smartphone brands in North America, which ranges from July 2022 to July 2023. While Apple remains in the top spot, Google has secured fourth place behind Samsung and Motorola, putting it in the top three Android brands in the USA at the moment.

More specifically, Google Pixel’s fourth place ranking is possible due to an overall 2.46% share of the North American smartphone market. As mentioned, it’s overtaken by competing brands Samsung and Motorola, with market shares of 54.22% and 4.82%, respectively.

A while back, it was reported that Google also managed to climb up the ranks in terms of sales figures in Japan, making it one of the top Android brands to compete against local players like Sony’s Xperia phones, following the exit of a number of Japanese handset manufacturers from the country’s smartphone landscape.

Source: Stat Counter

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