WhatsApp now letting users edit media captions


Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the ability for users to edit messages that have been sent. But there was one shortcoming with the feature and that was that users could not edit the messages in media files that were sent.

This means that if you attached a photo or video and a message at the same time, you could not edit that message, only “regular” messages. We’re not sure why this feature wasn’t available when it was rolled out, but the good news is that now you can.

This is part of the latest update to WhatsApp where one of the changes is the ability to edit media captions. Unfortunately, the feature seems to be only available to iOS users for now, but presumably the Android version shouldn’t be too far behind, so Android users will just have to wait, just hopefully not too long.

In the meantime, to prevent people from abusing the editing function, WhatsApp is marking all edited messages with the “edited” label to let people know that the message has been edited. It doesn’t appear that there will be a way to check the history of the edited message, although that would be a cool feature to have, but we probably wouldn’t get our hopes up on seeing that anytime soon, if at all.

Source: WABetaInfo

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