Dark mode for Snapchat is finally free of charge, as it should be


Quite a number of apps these days offer a dark mode for users to choose if they prefer the darker look or if they want a UI that isn’t glaring while the phone is being used at night. Generally speaking, dark mode is a free feature, but for some reason, Snapchat kept it behind a paywall.

The good news is that Snapchat users who did not want to pay for the feature might be pleased to learn that dark mode is now finally free of charge. This is according to an initial post on X by user Shubham who discovered that dark mode for Snapchat on Android is now free for all users, regardless if they are a paying user or not.

For those unfamiliar, Snap rolled out a subscription service for Snapchat users called Snapchat+. The subscription came with a bunch of perks and extra exclusive features, one of which was dark mode. It seemed a bit odd and also a little greedy that Snap would lock such a basic feature behind a paywall, but it is what it is.

Granted, Snapchat+ is relatively affordable at $3.99 a month, but still, users should not have to pay for such a simple feature that pretty much all other apps are already offering for free. Thankfully, Snap seems to have come to their senses so if you are sorely missing dark mode on Snapchat, then keep an eye out for this update which should be rolling out as we speak.

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