DEAL: Crazy discount knocks $800 off the Sony Xperia Pro-I!


A lot of modern day flagship phones tend to be quite similar to each other. There are certain features that we’ve all come to expect, but Sony is interestingly one of the companies to buck the trend.

The company has largely stuck to the same design language they have over the years, but have instead paid more attention to their phones’ cameras, trying to include larger sensors and lenses that one might not typically find on a smartphone, and the Xperia Pro-I is actually a great example of that.

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The only problem is that the phone is ridiculously priced at close to the $2,000 mark, which is something not everyone can afford. But if you’ve been eyeing the phone and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on it, then you’ll be interested to learn that it’s currently enjoying a massive discount that shaves a whopping $800 off its price tag.

This brings the price of the phone down to a little under $1,000, which is admittedly still a lot of money, but it is definitely a lot more affordable now. Granted it is last year’s tech, but it’s still a fantastic phone with an insane set of cameras, so if mobile photography and videography is your thing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this deal.

Sony Xperia PRO-I all carriers 5G smartphone with 1-inch image sensor,...
  • World´s first native 4K 120fps high frame rate recording in a smartphone[ii].Form_factor : Bar.Display resolution...
  • Eye AF and Object tracking keeps subjects in focus for videos and stills

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