Lenovo Tab Extreme is the Android laptop replacement we’ve been waiting for


With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, it has definitely changed the way that many of us do work. Back when feature phones were still a thing, it would be almost impossible to reply to emails on the go unless you somehow were lucky enough to own a PDA device.

These days, with our phones and tablets, you can do your work and conduct your business no matter where you are. In fact, mobile chipset technology has gotten so powerful to the point that it can even compete with entry-level laptops in terms of performance. This has led to some people turning to tablets as a laptop replacement.

There are benefits to using a tablet instead of a laptop. For starters, tablets are generally lighter and thinner, making them easier to bring around. Secondly, they come with touchscreen technology that makes certain tasks a lot easier and more convenient. Lastly, tablets also pack some amazing battery life, making it easier to work on the go without needing to charge it as often as a laptop.

If you’re looking for such a device, Lenovo might have something up your alley in the form of the Lenovo Tab Extreme.

Key specs

  • Processor – MediaTek Dimensity 9000 (8C, 1x X2 @3.05 GHz + 3x A710 @2.85 GHz + 4x A510 @1.80 GHz)
  • Operating System – Android 13
  • Memory – 12 GB LPDDR5X (Soldered)
  • Storage – 256 GB UFS
  • Display – 14.5″ 3K (3000 x 1876) OLED, touchscreen, 500 nits
  • Battery – 12,300mAh battery, up to 12 hours playback

Massive, stunning display

One of the things you’ll notice right away about the Lenovo Tab Extreme is its display. It features a massive 14.5-inch display, which in some cases is actually bigger than that of some laptops. This means that if you need to work on items that need a larger display, like spreadsheets or photo or video editing, this display will be more than capable of getting the job done.

Lenovo has opted to use an OLED panel for the display. This is unlike laptops where a good majority of them continue to rely on LCD. One of the benefits of OLED is that it offers better contrast and saturation and deeper blacks, which might be ideal for users who work with a lot of colors, or if you simply want to enjoy your games or movies with more vibrant colors.

The display itself also offers a 3K resolution, so combining that with the 14.5-inch display, it should result in some pretty high pixel density, creating text and images that look sharper and clearer compared to lower resolution displays. Also, in case it wasn’t obvious, this is a tablet which means that the display is touch-enabled.

Comfortable keyboard

Now, not all tablets can necessarily be a laptop replacement. This is because in order to be a true laptop replacement, it needs to have a physical keyboard and a trackpad. While there are many Bluetooth keyboards out there that will work with tablets, they need to be carried around separately and most of the time, the typing experience is less than ideal.

With the Lenovo Tab Extreme, Lenovo has created a pretty awesome keyboard that looks and feels like a regular keyboard you might expect from a laptop. This means that users can type away at emails, put together proposal drafts, presentations, and more, like they would on a regular laptop.

According to Lenovo, the keyboard offers a travel of 1.3mm per key and a pitch of 19mm, which offers a more comfortable typing experience compared to some of the other third-party Bluetooth keyboards out there. There are also customizable keys that you can use for shortcuts.

There’s even a built-in trackpad so that you can interact with the tablet without having to tap on its screen, which might be a bit awkward and uncomfortable when the keyboard is attached.

The best part is that since this keyboard has been designed with the Lenovo Tab Extreme in mind, it will attach to the tablet using magnets, making it easy to attach and remove whenever you need, and its floating hinge design will allow users to quickly make height and angle adjustments as needed.

Also, since the keyboard attaches to the tablet via pogo-pins, it does not require charging and is always good to go as it draws power from the tablet, so you don’t have to worry about having to keep it charged or it running out of battery.

Great multimedia experience

While laptops might be great for people who do word processing or putting together spreadsheets or presentations, it might not be as ideal for artists. Obviously you can edit photos and videos on a laptop, in fact many people do, but with the Lenovo Tab Extreme, you can create AND edit your work at the same time.

Since the Tab Extreme is still a tablet at heart, you can just remove the keyboard accessory and together with the Lenovo Precision Pen 3 stylus, you can put together drawings or animations even on the go, a feature that not all laptops offer users. Sure, there are some laptops that allow you to fold the keyboard behind itself, but those are bulky and not that comfortable.

Plus, some creators might also feel more comfortable using a stylus to make edits to their work, especially since some of their workflows even back home at a desktop might involve using a Wacom tablet. This means that using the Precision Pen 3 with the Tab Extreme should provide a similar experience.

Lenovo has also included hardware like 8x JBL speakers so even if you just want to kick back and relax with a video or songs, the JBL speakers should deliver some pretty decent sound quality.

Long-lasting battery

Another feature that could make the Lenovo Tab Extreme a great laptop replacement would be its battery. The company has equipped the tablet with a massive 12,300mAh battery that they claim will offer up to 12 hours of playback. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on what you do with the tablet, but 12 hours is impressive.

If you’re just doing regular productivity things, we expect that the battery should last you longer. This is better than some laptops which may only offer up to 8-10 hours, depending on the model.

Pricing & availability

So, if you are sold on the idea of the Lenovo Tab Extreme being a potential laptop replacement for your work and entertainment needs, you will be able to order one for yourself from Lenovo’s website. The company is selling the tablet at a $99 discount right now, bringing it down to just $1,000. This price includes the tablet (obviously), along with the keyboard and stylus accessory, which is honestly a great deal considering all that you’ll be getting.

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