Samsung’s latest foldables don’t play nicely in cold weather


If you are thinking of getting your hands on either the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Flip 5 foldable phones, you might want to think about where you’re living and the work environment you’re in because it seems that has an effect on the overall durability of the phone’s display.

This is according to an infographic shared by Samsung Display where surprisingly, they revealed that in extreme temperatures, the durability of the display actually changes. For example, in extreme heat of 60C, the phone’s foldable display is rated at around 150,000 folds, but in temperatures of -20C, it apparently lasts for 30,000 folds.

For context, in normal/average temperatures, the display is rated for 200,000 folds, so it seems that extreme cold weather has a greater impact on durability compared to extreme heat. If we had to venture a guess, extreme cold probably makes the display materials a little too rigid, while extreme heat still allows it to retain some of its malleable qualities, but at a slightly lower rate compared to normal temperatures.

Of course, not many people live in such extreme temperatures, but if your job happens to send you to these types of locations, it might be something to think about.

Source: Samsung

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