The Poco M6 will finally bring back 5G


5G has become a standard on a lot of phones these days, but for some reason, when Poco launched the Poco M5 last year, the company excluded the feature. What’s even stranger is that the Poco M3 and M4 models did come with 5G options, so it is unclear why the company did not include the feature in the M5.

That being said, if you’re a fan of Poco’s phones, you might be pleased to learn that the Poco M6 will be bringing 5G back. This was confirmed by Himanshu Tandon, the head of Poco in India, where he recently tweeted out a teaser image that revealed that 5G will be coming to the company’s next phone.

One thing to note is that Poco appears to be adopting a similar strategy to its M3 and M4 models, where the 5G model will be a separate model from the lineup. In the case of the M6, it seems that only the Poco M6 Pro will come with 5G, while the other models will presumably continue to use 4G/LTE.

We would have thought that at this point in time, 5G modems would be affordable enough to make it a standard feature, but it looks like Poco is still trying to differentiate between its models and create even more affordable versions for people who are more budget-conscious and aren’t so concerned about features like 5G.

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