Samsung working on better dust resistance for its foldables


When the first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone was launched, many early reviewers found a ton of durability issues with it. One of those issues was how dust and debris could get caught in the hinge mechanism which could cause it to not function properly, and in some cases even crack the display.

We suppose we can’t really blame Samsung for this, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t trying to find a solution to the problem. Speaking to Korean publication BizWatch, Samsung’s mobile chief TM Roh has revealed that making their foldables more resistant to dust is something they’re working on.

“We are well aware of consumer demand for dust proofing, and we are making various efforts to achieve this, but due to the nature of foldables, there are many moving parts, so dust proofing is difficult.”

Samsung’s newer foldables notably have an IP rating of IPX8, where the “X” is meant to denote the degree of dust resistance, while the latter number indicates the “strength” of its water-resistance. What’s interesting is that other companies have actually beaten Samsung to the punch in this regard, such as Motorola, where the company’s 2023 Razr phones actually offer dust resistance to a certain degree.

We’re not sure when dust resistance will come to Samsung’s foldables, but it’s a feature we wouldn’t mind seeing if it adds to the overall durability of their phones.

Source: Android Authority

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