YouTube Premium just got more expensive


Over the years, the prices of subscription services have been getting more expensive, and it looks like YouTube Premium is no exception. It appears that the service has received a bit of a price hike by $2, making the streaming service cost $13.99 a month instead of $11.99 a month.

YouTube hasn’t officially announced these changes, but seeing as the new prices are reflected on its website, it’s safe to say that it could already be in effect. This isn’t the first time that YouTube has raised the prices of its subscription services. Last year, the Family Premium plans saw a jump to $22.99 a month, while the annual subscription plan also saw an increase to $139.99 a month.

That being said, it is unclear how this will affect existing users. We’re not sure if those who are already subscribed will be able to keep paying what they’re paying, or if they will automatically be billed the new price at the next billing cycle. If that is the case, YouTube needs to send out an announcement ASAP otherwise we imagine there will be a lot of unhappy customers.

YouTube’s price hike follows Netflix’s own price hike of sorts, where the company recently killed off its Basic ad-free plan in the US, forcing new subscribers to either pay more for the Standard subscription, or pay less but have to put up with ads.

Source: 9to5Google

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