Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5


There is without a doubt that when it comes to foldable phones, Samsung is the most aggressive in the field. The company has put out model after model over the years, and later this week, they will be introducing newer models to the lineup.

One of the models in question is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. The Flip series is the more popular option amongst Samsung’s foldable phones and it’s not hard to see why. When folded up it’s extremely compact, more so than most phones these days.

It is also considerably cheaper than its larger Fold sibling. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not affordable by any means, but it is within the pricing range of flagship phones these days, so if you have the cash to spare on a flagship, the Flip series could be worth checking out.

The Flip 5 will be officially announced this week, but in the meantime here’s everything we know about the phone so far so you can get a rough idea of what to expect.


In terms of the actual physical design of the phone, all the leaked rumors and renders don’t seem to suggest that we will be getting a revamped design.

There will be one major change in the design and it will be to the hinge of the phone itself. The rumors claim that Samsung will be using a “water drop” style hinge. Apparently this will result in a hinge that is more durable and will also lessen the gap between the phone when it is folded shut.

But apart from the potentially new hinge, we expect the rest of the phone will remain the same as its predecessors, or if there are any changes, it will probably be subtle, which brings us to our next point, the phone’s display.


The external display of the Flip 5 is expected to be the biggest change. Previous iterations of the phone had an external display, but it was small and was meant to be used mostly for notifications, but not much else beyond that.

With the Flip 5, Samsung will be increasing the size of the external display considerably, jumping from 1.9-inches to 3.8-inches, although there are conflicting rumors claiming it might be 3.4-inches instead.

With such a huge jump, a 100% increase actually, the external display will be a lot more useful as it can display more information. Of course, it will be up to Samsung to optimize the external display and create useful apps or widgets that can make the external display more useful and practical.

Leaked renders have shown that there could be some new widgets that will take advantage of the larger display. There have also been rumors that Samsung is working with Google to make sure Google’s apps will play nicely with the huge exterior display.

As for the internal foldable display, it will come in at 6.7-inches with a resolution of 2640×1080 and will support a dynamic refresh rate of 1Hz-120Hz.


In the chipset department, it’s pretty much a given that the Flip 5 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. There are rumors claiming that phones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 are expected this year, but the launch of the Flip 3 might be too early for Samsung to take advantage of the newer chipset.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing as the Gen 2 chipset is still incredibly powerful and is used by the vast majority of flagship phones in 2023. Assuming there are no changes to the hardware, we can expect the Flip 5’s performance to be similar to that of the Galaxy S23 series, which also use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

As for the amount of RAM, it seems that Samsung will be sticking with 8GB of RAM, so for those hoping for 12-16GB of RAM, you might be disappointed. We’re also looking at configuration options of 256GB and 512GB, and as expected, there won’t be any support for expandable storage like microSD cards.

The Flip 5 is also rumored to be packing a 3,700mAh battery, which is honestly a little disappointing. Seeing as how the phone essentially has two displays, having a larger battery will allow it to go for longer before needing a recharge, but maybe the foldable design prevented Samsung from including a larger battery.


If you were hoping for a set of amazing cameras on the Flip 5, you could be disappointed. Samsung’s foldable phones have never really focused on camera quality. This isn’t to say they’re terrible, but if you want a phone that can take great photos and videos, the Galaxy S23 series might be a better choice.

The Flip 5 is rumored to feature a dual camera on the back with 12MP sensors, one with an aperture of f/1.8, while the other is f/2.2 and will also be an ultra wide. As for the selfie cam, it is of the 10MP variety of an aperture of f/2.4.

It is unclear what kind of improvements Samsung might have made to the camera software, but hopefully we’ll be seeing some positive changes.

Pricing & availability

Since the Flip 5 hasn’t been announced yet, we don’t know how much it will cost. Its predecessor was priced starting at $999, so unless Samsung decides to increase price, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Flip 5 will be priced similarly as well.

Keep in mind that there other rumors that claim otherwise, and that the Flip 5 might end up being a bit more expensive than the previous model, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

In terms of release, that is also a mystery, but the good news is that Samsung is actually accepting reservations for the phone. What this means is that you just need to leave your email address and you’ll be notified when the phone is available for purchase.

Samsung is also offering customers $50 in credit if customers reserve the phone. The best part is that in the past, the credit could only be used towards other devices and accessories, but this time round Samsung will allow users to use this credit towards the purchase of the phone, essentially giving users a $50 discount immediately, so do check it out if you’re interested.


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