User replaceable smartphone batteries are now one step closer to reality


Battery tech in our smartphones still isn’t quite where we want it to be. For the most part, li-ion batteries are still very much favored and used, despite the fact that over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of tech being developed that are meant to be safer, more efficient, and longer-lasting alternatives.

That being said, while we are still waiting for that day to come, it looks like replacing our phone batteries ourselves is probably the next best thing, and that future is now one step closer to being a reality. This is thanks to the European Council who have recently agreed to a new regulation that was proposed last month.

For those who missed the previous announcement, back in June, the European Parliament were voting on introducing a new law that would make it mandatory for manufacturers of battery-powered devices, like smartphones, to offer batteries that could be easily replaced (think feature phones).

If passed, this would come into effect as soon as 2027, and this new agreement to the law by the European Council brings us closer to that reality. That being said, we did mention previously that the 2027 date is subject to change if manufacturers can prove that it will take more time for them to comply.

2027 is still quite a long way off and we imagine that some manufacturers will put up a fight, but fingers crossed that this does become a reality!

Source: Android Authority

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