Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 now also affected by green lines on its display


It was previously reported that following a software update, some Samsung phones started showing green and pink lines on their displays. The devices that appeared to be affected initially include the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 phones, but now it looks like newer models like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are also affected.

This is according to at least one user report on Twitter from an owner of the Flip 4 in India where they claim that their display also started showing the green/pink lines about five months into their purchase. The user claims that Samsung’s service center reps told them that they could not do anything about it as it was not covered by warranty.

The user then tried to research Samsung on Twitter but there has not been any response yet. What’s weird is that according to SamMobile, display issues like this should be covered under warranty, so it is unclear why the user was told by the service center rep that it wasn’t. Also, Samsung is well aware of this issue.

When the problem was first reported back in June, Samsung later revealed that they would be offering affected users free screen replacements, so they should do the same for Flip 4 customers too. Hopefully they will do right by this customer and other customers affected by this. In the meantime, are any of our readers who own the Flip 4 also seeing these green/pink lines on their phones? And if you have, have you managed to get it replaced for free?

Source: SamMobile

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