Samsung could be in danger of being dethroned by Apple


For years, Apple and Samsung have been amongst the world’s top smartphone brands, with Samsung actually holding and maintaining the lead. But it looks like Samsung’s position as the leader of smartphones could be in danger as recent figures suggest that Apple could be close to dethroning them.

This is according to a report from Counterpoint Research where for Q1 of 2023, Samsung had a 22% global market share, which is honestly super impressive. But the report also revealed that Apple is actually just a hair behind Samsung with a 21% global market share, indicating that any slight stumble from Samsung could result in Apple beating them.

What’s interesting is that for some reason, Samsung seemed to have fared quite badly in Europe where there was an overall decline in smartphone sales of 41% (not just from Samsung), a market that apparently the company usually does quite well in.

As for the other smartphone OEMs, Xiaomi is actually in third place with 11% of the global market share, with Oppo coming in fourth with 10%, and Vivo in fifth at 7%. The report also notes that OnePlus is also the fastest-growing top 10 smartphone brand globally, thanks to its success in both the Chinese and Indian markets.

Will Samsung lose their spot to Apple? The company is poised to announce its new foldables later this month which could help them boost sales, but with Apple’s iPhone 15 expected in the next couple of months, it could prove to be a very tight race.

Source: SamMobile

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