Samsung could integrate ChatGPT into its mobile browser


Earlier this year, there were rumors that Samsung could be looking to ditch Google has its default search for Microsoft, but that hasn’t happened yet and we have a feeling it won’t. Instead, it looks like Samsung could have found a third alternative.

According to a report from Android Authority, an APK teardown of the Samsung Internet Browser has shown some evidence that would suggest that Samsung could be looking to integrate ChatGPT into its browser.

One of the reasons why Samsung could have been tempted to switch to Microsoft is because of Bing’s use of AI that would make the search engine a lot more fun and interesting to use. That would of course create friction between Samsung and Google, both of whom have been long standing partners in the mobile space, so this integration with ChatGPT could be a good middle ground.

In fact, it might actually be better than Samsung switching to Bing for its default search as users would not have to load up another website just to access AI features. That being said, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this could happen. It is possible that Samsung is just testing it out and seeing how it works and whether or not it would be worth rolling it out in a public build.

This means that this integration may never see the light of day, but it would be interesting if it does. But what do you think? Would the integration of ChatGPT make you more likely to use Samsung Internet Browser over Chrome?

Source: Android Authority

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