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All Work and no Play? The Best Tech for Students, Under $50!


We’re at a point in time when consumer technology has been heavily integrated into everyday life, proving to be a useful tool whatever the situation might be. Of course, school is no exception – we’ve come to rely on tech to help us through countless projects, exams, presentations and more.

With that being said however, being a student also usually means that you’e got to keep your spending in check. If you’re in need of some useful but affordable gear to keep up with your studies (or leisure time), then we’ve compiled this quick list of tech that you might want to check out – let’s get started!

Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse
Super affordable and straight to the point, the Logitech M185 gets the job done. It's a rather basic mouse for sure, but learners who are on a tight budget and are after the essentials (left and right clicks) should get a lot of use out of this one.

SanDisk 512GB Ultra Flash Drive
Coming in at less than $40, SanDisk's 512GB Ultra flash drive will be useful in holding a ton of your precious files and documents, without breaking the bank.

UGREEN 5-in-1 USB C Hub
Given that most laptops today feature more limited connection ports, it would then be wise to invest in an all-in-one solution for your connectivity needs, like UGREEN's 5-in-1 USB C Hub, which comes with support for USB-A, USB-C, and even HDMI connectivity.

Anker 313 Power Bank
A busy day can mean that you're using your smartphone more often than usual - it's at times like these when power banks and portable chargers might come in handy. The Anker 313 Power Bank is a great choice, thanks to a large 10,000 mAh battery that can provide two to three times worth of charge for your smartphone.

JBL Tune 500BT Headphones
You don't need to spend a ton for a good pair of wireless headphones, especially if you're just looking to listen in on some tunes in-between classes. The JBL Tune 500BT Headphones are a great choice thanks to a wallet-friendly price, long-lasting battery life, and more importantly, a decent-sounding setup.

Soundcore P20i
After something a bit more discreet? Then the Soundcore P20i earbuds should suit you well, thanks to a very compact design that features water resistance, up to 30 hours playtime with the charging case, and decent-sounding bass.

Anker Powerline II
For users with multiple devices, keeping several types of USB cables can be a bit finnicky - the Anker Powerline II comes with a 3-in-1 solution, with support for USB, USB-C and even Apple Lightning connection ports.

SkullCandy Ounce Portable Speaker
If you'd prefer to blast out your music in open spaces, then the SkullCandy Ounce Bluetooth speaker is the way to go, offering a sturdy design, 16-hour battery life, and a really loud sound.

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Mike Viray
A writer and content creator with a love for tech and music, Mike is also an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.

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