Faster charging speeds coming to the Samsung Galaxy S24


It’s kind of funny how Samsung’s flagship phones tend to pack the latest and greatest hardware when it comes to chipset, memory, display, and cameras, but in the battery department, that’s where things get a little disappointing.

While other manufacturers are introducing phones with charging speeds of 80W and up, Samsung has stubbornly stuck to the slower speeds, where its base flagship models only support 25W and the higher-end models have 45W. Thankfully, that could change with next year’s model.

This is according to a tweet by RGcloudS who claims that for the Samsung Galaxy S24+ and Ultra models, Samsung could be bumping the charging speeds up from 45W to 65W. We know that this isn’t exactly the blazing fast speeds many had hoped for, but it is still an improvement.

The tweet also mentions that there is a chance that this upgrade could only be for the S24+ and Ultra models, or maybe even exclusive to the Ultra, which means those who opt for the base Galaxy S24 might still see 25W charging speeds, which honestly would be kind of disappointing if it was true.

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