Twitter should be worried as Threads racks up 30 million sign ups in less than 24 hours


Meta’s answer to Twitter was launched just the other day and so far it appears to be off to a great start. This is according to Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg who shared on his Threads account that 30 million users have signed up in less than 24 hours following the app’s launch, which is honestly pretty insane.

That being said, we can’t say we’re too surprised. Threads is developed by Meta’s Instagram which already has a pretty massive user base. Signing up for a Threads account is also pretty simple if you already have an Instagram account, and the fact that you can quickly follow users on Threads if you already follow them on Instagram means that users can hit the ground running without necessarily having to seek out new content or creators.

That being said, we should note that it’s not necessarily perfect yet. Zuckerberg admits that there is still a lot of work ahead of them, and right now users are discovering that once they sign up for a Threads account, they can’t delete it without deleting their Instagram account, but this is something that the company is working on as well.

It’s too early to tell if Threads has what it takes to dethrone Twitter, especially since there are other competitors like Mastodon and Bluesky, although admittedly neither seem to be receiving the same amount of hype and attention as Threads has.

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