Deleting your Threads account means deleting Instagram


Meta’s group of companies are essentially Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We suppose keeping things simplified that way is a good thing in terms of management, but it also means unnecessary tie-ins that could be an issue down the road.

A good example would be Threads, the latest app from Meta that aims to compete with the likes of Twitter where it was recently discovered that if you wanted to delete your Threads account, you would end up deleting your Instagram account as well because both accounts are linked.

This is because Threads is an app that was developed by Instagram (as evidenced in the app’s name), which on the upside makes it easier for users to create an account and start following people right away, but the downside means you can’t delete one account without deleting the other.

According to Instagram head Adam Mosserri, the only way for users to “delete” their Threads account would be to deactivate it. Deactivating is not deletion, but instead hides it from the public, meaning it still exists but no one else but you can see it. Mosseri does mention that they are looking into a way to delete a Threads account without impacting Instagram, but for now deactivation is the only way.

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