The Fairphone 4 has made its way to the US, but with a twist


Back in 2021, the Fairphone 4 was launched. The launch at that time was limited to Europe, but for those who are interested in the phone, it looks like it has since made its way stateside courtesy of Murena. Before you get too excited, know that it won’t be the same device that launched in Europe.

In terms of hardware, nothing appears to have changed. The major change is that it no longer runs on Android. Instead, it runs on Murena’s “/e/OS”. Given Murena’s “de-Googling” stance, we can’t say we’re too surprised, but it also means that the phone might now be less appealing to some users.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Fairphone series and why it’s positioned as a sustainable device, it is because it has been designed to be a modular handset where the components can be easily replaced by users. This is because it uses parts like Philips head screws, which means that just about anyone can open it at home with a standard screwdriver head instead of relying on specialized tools.

That being said, given that the phone was launched in 2021, its hardware is “old” by today’s standards, plus the fact that it costs $630 does make it a hard sell, but if you’re interested anyway you can grab it from Murena’s website. In the meantime, there is a new Fairphone 5 that’s on its way, but whether or not that will make an appearance stateside remains to be seen.

Source: GSMArena

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