Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 leak shows a much improved hinge design


If there is one issue with previous Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones, it would be in its hinge design. Due to Samsung’s choice of hinge, it usually leaves a gap in between the folded display, which in turn allows things like dust, dirt, and debris to get trapped and potentially either ruin the hinge or the display.

That is expected to change with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is expected to be announced later this month. This is according to a series of photos shared by tipster Ahmed Qwaider on Twitter. The images have since been taken down, but basically it shows what is alleged to be the Fold 5 with no visible gap between the folded display.

While it’s hard to tell what kind of hinge design Samsung might have gone for in the Fold 5, the previous rumors have suggested that the company would be adopting a waterdrop-shaped hinge, similar to other foldable phones that have been released in recent times.

By adopting this design, it is said to reduce/remove the gap when the phone is folded, potentially leading to better durability. The new hinge design is also rumored to be the only major redesign Samsung will be making to the phone as the rest of it is said to be more or less similar to its predecessor.

Source: SamMobile

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