Official Pixel Fold parts will be available through iFixit


When it comes to fixing our phones, first-party repairs can get pretty expensive. The only advantage is that technically, your device would be repaired by someone who’s properly trained on repairing your device, and you’ll also be getting access to genuine components.

If you run into issues with your Google Pixel Fold, know that you will actually be able to fix it yourself as the phone’s parts will be available through iFixit. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as previously, genuine components for Google’s Pixel phones are available from iFixit thanks to an ongoing partnership with both companies.

The folks at Android Central have confirmed with Google that this will extend to cover the Pixel Fold as well, where users will be able to access official parts, tools, and even guides if you plan on doing the repairs yourself.

What’s interesting about this arrangement is that as Android Central notes, Google is actually the first company to offer repairs for its foldable phone through such a method. While Samsung does offer a self-repair program, it mostly covers its more traditional smartphones and tablets and not its foldables.

To be fair, we imagine that foldables might be more complicated to repair and maybe Samsung isn’t quite ready to deal with the headaches that might arise if customers do it wrongly themselves, but either way if you’re adventurous, at least you’ll be able to fix your Pixel Fold on your own.

Source: Android Central

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