Google Wallet will soon support QR code payments


As our reliance on our smartphones grows, companies like Google have introduced features like Google Wallet that allow users to link their credit/debit cards so that they can make payments using their phones instead of using their actual physical card. This is similar to other systems like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

For the most part, most phones come with NFC, but there might be some that don’t, which means that these users are missing out on using these payment methods. The good news is that Google is trying to fix that. The company announced during its Google For Brazil 2023 event that they will soon be introducing support for QR code payments made through Google Wallet.

What this means is that if you are at a retailer and you want to use Google Wallet, instead of tapping your phone against the terminal, you just scan the QR code that the merchant has printed out and you’ll be able to proceed with the payment through Google Wallet. This isn’t a new feature per se.

There are several countries in Asia where QR code payments are more common than NFC-based ones. For example, street food vendors located in countries like Thailand and Malaysia display QR codes that allow users to pay for their purchases using local digital wallet services, so like we said, it’s not a completely brand new feature.

It is a good thing though, that Google is supporting it as we imagine that there might be some users who prefer Google Wallet, so this will be an option for them.

Source: Google

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