Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 could usher in big display changes


If there is one disappointing thing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 right now, it would be that if the rumors are true, it won’t be that big of an upgrade, not visually at least. The phone is largely expected to feature the same inner and outer display, and apart from a potential change in hinge design, it will look more or less like its predecessor.

If you think you can hold out for one more year, then the Fold 6 might be a better upgrade. This is according to a tweet by Revegnus who claims that for the Fold 6, Samsung will finally be introducing a new external display where they might change up its size to give it a new aspect ratio.

At the moment, the Fold 4’s external display is taller and narrower compared to some other more recently-announced foldables. This gives it a weird look, but presumably this is because Samsung is assuming that most users would probably use the phone in its unfolded state.

If the rumor is accurate, major display changes will only come in 2024’s model. That being said, the tweet does seem to suggest that apart from the display change, Samsung will continue using the same cameras as the Fold 5, which is apparently the Samsung ISOCELL GN3 50MP sensor which was also used in the Fold 4, so that might be disappointing if true.

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