Google’s Duet AI can now help you create templates in Sheets


Have you ever wanted to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet but aren’t sure where to start? Obviously planning out what you want to do helps make the process easier, but now you won’t have to thanks to the power of AI.

This is because Google has started to roll out its Duet AI to Google Workspace testers. With the implementation of Duet AI, users will now see a new sidebar when they launch Google Sheets where they can describe what kind of spreadsheet they want to make, and using the power of AI, it will help generate a custom template for users on the spot.

This is actually pretty cool if it works as advertised (we haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet). This is because some users might not be familiar with using spreadsheets, so describing what they intend to do with it can make Google Sheets less intimidating to use. It might also boost the use of the software, where users might discover how much fun it is to help organize things like their finances, upcoming holidays, and so on.

Duet AI is part of Google’s AI efforts. It was originally revealed at I/O back in May and was also previously demonstrated to work with other Google Workspace products, like Google Docs, where users could prompt the AI to help them generate text on their behalf.

Source: Engadget

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