Qualcomm’s new chip will help address audio latency issues


In the past, when using Bluetooth headsets or speakers, you might realize that there is a bit of a lag where the audio and whatever it is you are watching doesn’t seem to sync up. This latency issue is one of the reasons why many audiophiles still prefer using wired connections with their headphones or speakers.

These days, it has become less of an issue, but it doesn’t mean that it is gone completely. Qualcomm wants to address these audio latency issues and have since announced a new chip in the form of the S3 Gen 2 Snapdragon Sound, which they have presented in the form of a concept USB dongle.

Basically, this dongle is an all-in-one kind of solution that combines the latest in Bluetooth technology, such as LE Audio, and Auracast, which according to Qualcomm will result in latency of less than 20ms which should be imperceivable to most people. The idea is that by packaging it in a USB dongle format, users will be able to connect it to various audio sources including their computers, TVs, phones, consoles, or even their cars.

So if you use wireless audio with any of these devices, plugging in this dongle should result in a considerable drop in latency. Qualcomm also seems to envision their technology being packaged inside the charging case of true wireless earbuds, meaning that users might not need to carry around an extra accessory to get the most out of their audio.

Qualcomm notes that they are currently in talks with manufacturers so we’ll have to wait and see who will implement this tech into their products.

Source: Tech Radar

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