Rokid has Big Plans for AR with its new Headset


Aside from AI, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) have been among the more talked-about advances in tech over the past couple of years, with big names like Apple and Meta taking on the task of bringing AR hardware to mainstream consumers. However, it should also be said that we’re seeing newer players enter the field with their own take on AR technology.

One good example is Rokid – it’s been in the game for a while now, but the company sin’t planning on slowing down with its AR tech anytime soon. In fact, the company recently announced the Kickstarter launch of the Rokid AR Lite, which debuts priced at $749.

Rokid says that AR Lite stands out from competitors by prioritizing accessibility without compromising on quality. It comes with the features of the Rokid Max 2 glasses which work with the capabilities of the Rokid Station 2 host unit, resulting in hardware that doesn’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg.

Rokid says that the AR Lite is suitable for use in different scenarios including entertainment, work, and productivity, and also comes with support for video conferencing, document editing, navigation, and photo-taking, making it a pretty versatile AR wearable.

The AR Lite uses optical see-through technology for a clearer, less distorted view and boasts a wide field of view, 1080p-1200p resolution, and brightness with up to 600 nits. The glasses’ entire setup runs on a custom operating system that allows for multiple apps to run simultaneously on separate virtual screens, making them ideal for multitasking. The glasses also offer adjustable dials for nearsightedness and software adjustments for better fit.

As for availability, the Rokid AR Lite is now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters at just $499, versus the slightly more expensive launch price. Additionally, folks who visit Rokid’s official website before May 27th will gain access to exclusive Pioneer Benefits, including priority shipping, customized T-shirts, unique badges, and VIP group services for $9.90.

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