Google Lens will now be able to help identify potential skin conditions


Sometimes we might get weird rashes appearing on our skin, or dark or red patches that seemingly appear out of nowhere, or the growth of a new mole. It might be concerning, but if you want to help put your mind at ease, then Google Lens could be the answer.

This is because Google has announced that as part of an update to Google Lens, it appears that the app will now be able to identify and possibly diagnose skin conditions just by pointing your phone’s camera at it. According to Google:

“Describing an odd mole or rash on your skin can be hard to do with words alone. Fortunately, there’s a new way Lens can help, with the ability to search skin conditions that are visually similar to what you see on your skin. Just take a picture or upload a photo through Lens, and you’ll find visual matches to inform your search. This feature also works if you’re not sure how to describe something else on your body, like a bump on your lip, a line on your nails or hair loss on your head.”

Now, keep in mind that Google Lens is not a doctor and its answers aren’t considered to be expert medical opinions. This means that even if Google Lens claims that your condition is nothing to be concerned about, but you’re still a bit worried, you should still see your doctor. This also applies if Google Lens tells you something concerning about your skin condition, so instead of immediately buying creams or taking medication, a trip to your local physician or a dermatologist first might be a better idea.

It is the same as smartwatches and its health alerts, where it acts more as a tool rather than an official diagnosis, but in a pinch if you’re just curious or need a way to describe it to your doctor, this could be a potentially useful tool.

Source: Google

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