Samsung Announces New Automotive Processor; Teams up with Hyundai


Building on its current product portfolio, Samsung recently announced that it will be teaming up with auto manufacturer Hyundai to launch its newest automotive processor, the Exynos Auto V920. The chip will power in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems in future Hyundai models. This is also the company’s first collaborative effort towards automotive semiconductors.

A third-generation automotive processor, the Exynos Auto V920 packs “considerable upgrades” in terms of CPU, graphics and neural processing performance, according to Samsung. The V920 will likewise come with support for real-time driving information readouts, as well as entertainment software including media content and video games.

Samsung adds that it has designed the V920 CPU with 10 Arm cores for autonomous driving, giving it up to 1.7 times improved processing performance when compared to older processors. Other hardware details include support for LPDDR5 memory, enabling it to work with displays for dashboard, infotainment and rear seat entertainment systems, as well as a dozen camera sensors on compatible vehicles.

The company also states that the V920 comes with improvements for artificial intelligence (AI) performance, and advanced GPU cores with graphics processing capabilities, that allow it to perform up to two times faster than its predecessor. The V920 will also feature a neural processing unit that allows support for enhanced driver monitoring, safety features, as well as an integrated “safety island” which detects and responds to fault in real-time.

Samsung says that consumers can expect to see the V920 in action on Hyundai vehicles sometime by 2025.

Source: Samsung

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