It looks like Vivo’s out of Germany too


Being available in as many markets as possible is usually something most companies aim for. Having a larger market means more sales, but unfortunately for Vivo, it looks like they might have lost the German market.

According to a report from, they have noticed that Vivo’s website in Germany no longer lists any of the company’s products. The website is still operational, but there is now a message saying that Vivo’s products are not available in Germany.

This isn’t to do with demand for the company’s products, but rather it stems from a patent dispute that Vivo and Nokia had. The dispute took place a while back, but it was only earlier this year that the Mannheim Regional Court handed down the judgment, essentially putting the order into effect.

Vivo isn’t alone in this, however. Other companies such as OnePlus and Oppo had previously been affected by the same judgment, which coincidentally are all companies owned by BBK Electronics, so until the affected companies agree to some kind of settlement with Nokia or start paying to license Nokia’s technology, those in Germany will not be able to buy any of these companies’ phones.


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