Google’s Pixel 8 might be packing a new, larger camera sensor


One of the things Google does really well with its Pixel phones is in the camera department. The company has managed to put together a very powerful algorithm that allows them to capture great photos, even if the tech behind it isn’t necessarily the latest or the greatest compared to other competing phones.

That being said, it looks like Google’s Pixel 8 could come with a brand new sensor this year. According to a report from Android Authority, they claim that the Pixel 8 is expected to be packing Samsung’s ISOCELL GN2 sensor. Previous Pixel phones including the Pixel 6 and 7 used Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1, so it looks like there will be less downtime in between upgrading camera technology.

In terms of specs, most notably the GN2 is a larger sensor compared to its predecessors coming in at 1.12-inches. Why is this important? This is because larger sensors allow for more light, hence more data, to be captured, resulting in photos that offer more details and so on. This is also why mirrorless and DSLR cameras tend to capture better quality images compared to our phone cameras, even though our phone camera sensors might have a higher resolution.

Of course hardware isn’t everything as there needs to be great software to help process those images, but like we said, Google’s camera software is usually pretty great but it remains to be seen what kind of changes the company is expected to make with the Pixel 8.

Source: Android Authority

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