Nothing Phone (2) leaked renders might be fake after all


Recently, leaked renders of the Nothing Phone (2) have made their way online. The leaked renders suggested that nothing much would change in terms of the design and that it might end up looking very similar to its predecessor.

For those who might have been disappointed by this, you could be in luck. This is because shortly after the renders were leaked, Nothing’s CEO Carl Pel posted on Twitter with the words “fake”. While Pei did not explicitly mention the leaked renders, many are speculating that is what he is referring to.

It is a bit surprising given that the source of the leaked renders came from @OnLeaks, who in the past has been very accurate and reliable when it comes to early leaked images and renders of upcoming devices. It is entirely possible that the leaks might be real and that Pei’s tweet could have been made to maintain some semblance of surprise. After all, companies have in the past refuted rumors only for those rumors to be proven accurate, but we won’t know until the phone is officially announced this July.

That being said, it might be a good thing if the leak is fake. Seeing how closely it resembles the Nothing Phone (1), it would be kind of boring if the Nothing Phone (2) did not sport any new design changes.

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