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While smartwatches are a great way to integrate fitness features and smart OS capabilities into a single device, they’re often expensive and lack impressive battery endurance. In this case, users might want to go instead for a fitness band, which doesn’t skip out on health-tracking functions and battery life.

With that in mind, you might want to go instead for a more modest tracker from Fitbit. In particular, Fitbit’s Charge 5 manages to get a lot of things right – it tracks your workouts, sleep, SpO2 and heart rate, and can even keep an eye on users’ ECG metrics. The Charge 5 also packs GPS functionality and a touch screen, all in a sleek and minimalist design that goes beyond the plastic builds seen on most fitness trackers out on the market.

It’s currently on sale right now, and you can check it out using the link below.

Fitbit Charge 5
The Fitbit Charge 5 packs all the fitness tracking essentials, all in an attractive minimalist design.

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