Custom Cards and IDs will soon be Compatible with Google Wallet


If you’re a frequent user of the Google Wallet app and are in the United States, then you might be pleased to know that the app will be able to accommodate new types of cards and IDs soon, according to an update published by Google.

More specifically, Google Wallet will soon be able to incorporate additional pass types. For example, users will soon be able to take photos of cards with barcodes or QR codes on them, and create a secure digital version for use within the app. Additionally, users will also be able to add health insurance cards to the app, by way of a collaboration between Google and Humana. Users in the UK will be able to save their National Insurance Number to their Wallet from the HMRC app.

These types of cards will come with a “private pass” label as they do contain sensitive information, and Google says that users will have to verify their identity to be able to use these types of cards, either through PIN codes or biometrics.

Furthermore, users with Maryland IDs or driver’s licenses will be able to add their card to Google Wallet, although it should be noted that their device must be running Android 8.0 or later, with device lock enabled. This feature will soon be available for residents of Arizona, Colorado and Georgia as well.

Google adds that users of Google Messages with RCS enabled will be able to complete their check-in process entirely in the Messages app. A user’s boarding pass or train ticket will be sent directly to their Messages app and from there, users can save it to their Wallet. Google says that this feature will begin rolling this out with Vietnam Airlines and Renfe train lines in Spain.

Finally, Google will begin introducing corporate badges in Google Wallet later this year, which will provide employees convenient and secure access to buildings and such. Local transit passes will soon be available in more territories as well – for example, users Germany can now save a Deutschlandticket purchased at select transit agencies to their Wallet and conveniently access all local public transport nationwide.

Users are urged to keep an eye out for when these updates begin rolling out to their respective devices.

Source: Google

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