Google Labs opens its doors in the US


Google has introduced Search Labs, an exciting program that provides early access to experimental features. Users who have signed up for the waitlist will soon have the opportunity to test these innovative advancements. By tapping the Labs icon in the Google app or visiting the Labs website, users can join this unique exploration.

Search Labs offers a new and improved Search experience, powered by AI technology. Its aim is to simplify the search process and make information retrieval more efficient. Users can expect assistance in understanding complex topics, obtaining specific tips, and exploring products.

The program has three features:

  1. People can quickly gain insights into new or intricate subjects. For example, searching for topics like “Learning ukulele vs guitar” or “Benefits of incorporating your business before freelancing” will provide a snapshot of key factors to consider along with relevant links to articles.
  2. Users seeking answers to specific questions will find a wealth of content from across the web. Whether it’s guidance on removing coffee stains from a wool sweater or expediting passport renewal, Search Labs offers practical tips and options tailored to individual queries.
  3. Search Labs enhances the shopping journey by providing information and options for various products. Whether users are looking for peel and stick wallpaper for their kitchen or a Bluetooth speaker for a pool party, they can find important factors to consider, customer ratings, pricing details, and convenient purchasing links.

Source: Google

Additionally, Search Labs encourages further exploration by offering the ability to ask follow-up questions and engage in conversational mode.

This program represents Google’s commitment to integrating generative AI into Search, with continuous updates and improvements planned. It will be up to you how the future of AI is shaped as user feedback is highly valued as Google strives to create a natural and intuitive search experience.

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