Google and Apple are teaming up to stop the misuse of Bluetooth trackers


There is no doubt that Bluetooth trackers such as Apple’s AirTag have tremendous utility in helping people locate lost items like luggages, but as useful as they are, it was quickly discovered how these devices could be used for nefarious purposes like stalking, or tracking a person down to steal their car later.

While Apple has their own way of dealing with unwanted AirTags following users without their knowledge, it could be better. In fact, Google and Apple have recently put out a joint statement in which both companies will be working together on a proposed industry specification for Bluetooth tracking devices to help combat the misuse of such devices for less-than-noble purposes.

Basically instead of limiting these devices to specific platforms, Apple and Google are proposing an industry specification that could be applied across various other trackers from other brands like Samsung and Tile, so that regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, if an unwanted tracker is following you without your knowledge, you will be alerted to it.

This specification has been submitted as an Internet-Draft via the Internet Engineering Task Force where both companies are inviting other parties who are interested to review and comment on the proposed specification. We’re not sure when these standards will be implemented, but it’s good to see that some of the biggest tech companies in the world are working together to solve this issue.

Source: Apple

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