KUXIU’s X40 could be the perfect all-in-one charger for your mobile gadgets


When we think of charging docks and stands for our phones, these are gadgets that are typically left at home on the desk. This is because it doesn’t really make sense for us to bring these docks while we are out and about, especially if you’re constantly on the move and need to charge your phone.

But if you’re trying to keep your electronics clutter down to a minimum, then perhaps the KUXIU X40 3-in-1 magnetic charger could be just what the doctor ordered, whether you’re looking for something suitable for your home office, or if you’re looking for something to take with you on the go.


The KUXIU X40 looks like your typical charging stand in which it is angled so that you can see your notifications at a glance. Users can also use it to orient their phones in landscape or portrait mode, so if you want a dock to use for video calls or to watch movies, those are the options you have available to you.

The entire charger itself has been made out of metal to make it feel hefty and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or its hinges snapping while it is in use. The use of metal is also two-fold. Not only does it make the X40 a more durable charger, but it also works as a heat sink of sorts, allowing better heat dissipation when your phone is charging or while watching videos or playing games.

KUXIU has also included the use of “high quality” magnetic copper coils that they claim will offer stable and efficient charging while also reducing power loss. The company says that this has led to an 80% in charging efficiency.


When it comes to smartphone charging stands and docks, there are many available in the market right now, but one of the things we mentioned earlier about the KUXIU X40 is that it is portable.

This is due to its design where instead of being a simple metal slab, it can be easily folded up so if you need to bring it with you to work and back home again, you can fold in the hinges and slip it into your bag or pocket due to its small size.

The foldable design also means that if you don’t need to view your phone at an angle and just want to lay it flat, that option is open to you as well. There is also another way of bringing it around with you and that is to attach it magnetically to the back of your phone. If you have a powerbank with you, you can even attach it to the X40 and use it to charge your phone while it is attached.

Charge multiple gadgets at once

Speaking of magnetic charging, another selling point of the KUXIU X40 is the fact that it is a wireless magnetic charger. This means that as long as your smartphone supports the Qi wireless charging protocol and has magnets that allow for magnetic charging, that is where the X40 truly shines.

Take note that it does not specifically say it is MagSafe compatible, but it does work with Apple’s iPhones as well as Android devices. For Android users, they might need to buy a magnetic charging case which are readily available online so that shouldn’t really pose much of a problem either.

As we had mentioned, the X40 is capable of charging multiple devices at once. In addition to being able to charge your phone magnetically, the base of the X40 has another wireless charger which you can use to either charge a phone or a pair of true wireless earbuds, assuming that they support wireless charging as well.

That being said, the X40 does appear to be catered towards Apple users in mind because there is a small popup on the back that will let Apple Watch users charge their smartwatch as well. This means that if you’re completely in the Apple ecosystem, the KUXIU X40 will be able to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at the same time!

According to the company, Apple users charging their iPhones can expect up to 7.5W of power, while Android users can actually benefit from faster charging at 10-15W. Earbuds can also be charged up to 5W while the Apple Watch will get up to 3W.

Pricing & availability

If the KUXIU X40 is the perfect charger for your home and travel needs, you can grab one from Amazon where it is currently priced at $70, or pick one up directly from the official KUXIU website where they offer global shipping as well.

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