Best Slim Cases for the Pixel 7a!


In terms of design, the Pixel 7a manages to (almost) perfectly mimic its slightly more premium sibling, the Pixel 7a. Google’s new mid-ranger doesn’t kid around when it comes to looks, and the 7a comes with the visual flair that made the Pixel 7 series stand out in terms of branding and identity – the metallic camera visor, clean angles, and slim profile all make for one sharp-looking handset.

Google Pixel 7a
The Google Pixel 7a features impressive camera performance, Google's smart software features, and access to all the latest Android apps, all in a compact and attractive design.

With that being said though, one consideration about the Pixel 7a is that while it comes with a metal frame around its chassis and a Gorilla Glass screen, the phone’s back is made of plastic, which depending on who you’re talking to can seem a bit less “premium.” This does make the phone somewhat prone to scratches, and it’s in times like these when we’d recommend using a case.

As such, we’ve compiled a quick list of cases with slim profiles that don’t add a lot of bulk and thickness to your phone, and instead focus on keeping it safe from scratches, scuffs, and bumps. If you’d like to check them out, you can click on the links that are provided below – let’s take a look!

CaseBorne Crystal Clear Hybrid
CaseBorne's clear case puts an emphasis on letting you see the Pixel 7a's cool design, all while protecting it from scratches and scuffs. There's also a couple of bundled screen protectors for the display.

Spigen Thin Fit
Spigen's Thin Fit case combines a solid rear panel with flexible TPU sides for easy installation, and features a nice matte texture for added grip and less slip.

Caseology Nano Pop
The Caseology Nano Pop case comes with a vibrant two-tone color design, and features a silicone-like finish that helps with grip while using your Pixel 7a, without adding a lot of thickness to the phone.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid
The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Pixel 7a is similar to the Thin Fit, although this time around the case is made of fully-transparent material, and there's even a version that comes with a cool X-Ray print of the phone's internals.

Ringke Onyx
The Ringke Onyx case features a full-TPU design which adds flexibility to bump and scratch protection, and even adds a bit of coverage to the camera bar to keep it safe from scratches.

TORRAS Magnetic Guardian
The TORRAS Magnetic Guardian features a translucent finish on the rear panel in addition to TPU bumpers on the edges, with the added benefit of built-in MagSafe compatibility for wireless charging.

Cyrill Ultra Color Case
The Cyrill Ultra Color Case comes with several colorful variants made with TOU material, with an added protective ring around the camera window to keep it away from surfaces when placing your phone down.

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