Mozilla’s Pocket is getting some quality of life upgrades


While apps like Pinterest are a great way to save images and interesting stuff you might find online, it’s not that great for articles. For that, you’ll need an app like Mozilla’s Pocket which is a great tool for saving articles for reading later.

Pocket already does a pretty good job at saving your favorite articles that you can refer to later, but like with all things, it could always do with an improvement, which is what Mozilla is hoping to accomplish in the upcoming update to the app.

The company has announced that they will be releasing an update for Pocket, some of which will be quality of life improvements. For starters, the update will address the issue when using the app on tablets, where the text has now been better optimized for reading on larger screen devices like tablets.

The update will also introduce the ability to save login information so users won’t need to sign in everytime they want to read an article that they have saved, especially if the site they’re trying to read it from might require a login. Users can also look forward to improvements made to the “Previous-Next” buttons so they can keep reading the articles they’ve saved without having to return to the “Saves” list everytime.

The company has also announced that there will now be private lists on the web version of Pocket. This feature will be initially available to those in the US but presumably will roll out to more users soon.

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