MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200+ is clearly aimed at gamers


Last year, MediaTek unveiled its latest flagship chipset in the form of the Dimensity 9200. Now it looks like the company is following up with a newer flagship, but this time it will be a variant of the Dimensity 9200 that will be known as the Dimensity 9200+.

For all intents and purposes, the Dimensity 9200+ will be largely similar to its predecessor. It will still feature an octa-core processor, but the main difference is that the core clock speeds have been increased.

It will now run a single Arm Cortex-X3 at 3.35GHz, up from the previous 3.05GHz. The 3x Arm Cortex-A715 cores will also be boosted to 3GHz, up from the 2.85GHz, and lastly , the 4x Arm Cortex-A510 cores will be boosted to 2GHz over the 1.8GHz in its predecessor. While the GPU of the Dimensity 9200+ remains the same as the previous model, which used the Arm Immortalis G715, it will be boosted by about 17%.

Overall, this should result in a slight performance increase that could be perfect for smartphones that were designed for gaming. Other than that, the rest of the Dimensity 9200+’s specs remain identical to the Dimensity 9200, so it’s more of a performance boost than anything.

The company does mention that the new chipset will be more energy efficient which should result in longer lasting battery life, but how that translate to real world performance remains to be seen. That being said, the Dimensity 9200+ will be making its way into its first phone later this month, so we should have more details on that soon.

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