MediaTek Dimensity 9200 unveiled with WiFi 7, huge performance and AI improvements


MediaTek’s chipsets have typically been viewed as the more affordable alternative to Qualcomm, which is why generally speaking, you tend to find MediaTek’s chipsets on budget and mid-range devices. But that’s a notion the company is eager to change and the Dimensity 9000 was a good start.

Now it looks like MediaTek is taking things to the next level by unveiling its next-gen chipset, the Dimensity 9200. According to MediaTek, we’re looking at various improvements over its predecessor, thanks to it being the first to use Arm’s Cortex-X3 and Cortx-A715 for its cores, and the first to use LPDDR5X-8533 RAM, and also the first to support UFS 4.0 for faster smartphone storage.

It also boasts 30% better power efficiency when it comes to AI-based noise reduction tasks, 45% better AI efficiency for super resolution tasks, and overall it is expected to be 35% faster on the AI front over the Dimensity 9000.

According to MediaTek, the Dimensity 9200 will also feature the first RGBW sensor native support that will result in 30% brighter captures, and can also stream HDR video from multiple cameras. It will also be the first to use the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU with hardware raytracing with MediaTek’s Adaptive Game Technology with Motion Blur Reduction and Frame Rate Smooth 2.0.

MediaTek is also claiming a lot of other firsts, like the Dimensity 9200 being the first WiFi 7-ready smartphone chipset, the first to use studio-grade Bluetooth Audio, and more. As for the phones that will be powered by the chipset, MediaTek claims that they will announce their launch partners by the end of the year, so it will be interesting to see which OEMs will be using the new chipset in their phones.

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